Service & Features

AIR BUS COURIER Service Head –quartered at Hyderabad, the company started its operations with an office each in the three metros.–Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Flight Schedules

Air Bus couriers operates via almost on all commercial flights like Jet Airways, Indian Airlines, Spice Jet with its associated OBC’S (ON BOARD COURIERS) to ensure the fastest delivery time to all locations.

Future Plans

Our ongoing efforts to keep in pace with the market needs would be updated. Our logistic support system, and Partial Supply Chain Management and Web Based Business solutions will be the areas of our main concentration in near future. Implementation is under way.

Parcel services
Door to Door parcel service, bringing the huge gap between courier and cargo services. Choice of two modes: service- By Air & by Surface.

Diplomatic Service
Service is provided to all destinations listed in our nationwide network. In case however, when service is required at a destination, which is not listed, special arrangements are made for deliveries at that destination. This service is provided solely at the discretion of Frank courier and might entail additional charges

Intra-city services

Service is provided within the same city i.e. origin and destination being at the same area.

The preceding pages have attempted to provide you a small peep into the world of Air Bus couriers. The facts provided and the human touch imparted to our operations adds up to making `Frank’ one of the Unique Courier companies in India. These facts also enable our valued clients to confidently trust us to fulfill their couriering aspirations.